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UK Market View

A regular quarterly publication which provides a commentary on the factors affecting the construction industry, including a forecast of render price movement in the UK.

Market View UK - Winter 2013/14

In the latest UK Market View, the report headlines a change to our tender price forecast for London for 2015 and 2016, which has been increased to 5-6%, taking into account increased volumes and work and changes to procurement strategy. The forecast for prices outside of London have also been increased to 4.5% for 2015 to 2016.

The full text of the Market View and our inflation tables can be obtained here.

Market View UK - Autumn 2013

The UK's rapidly strengthening recovery has reached the construction industry, with predicted tipping point for prices in the London market brought forward to 4th Quarter 2013.

Download the Market View UK - Autumn 2013

Market View UK - Summer 2013

The UK Economy looks to be on the mend, with the risk of triple dip recession almost a distant memory, however improvement in the construction sector is still some way off.

Download the Market View UK - Summer 2013

Market View UK - Winter 2012/13

Despite a weak recovery in construction output at the end of 2012, concern about the UK economy continue to make it very difficult for the construction sector. Workload is expected to fall in 2013 and as a result tender prices are not expected to recover until 2014.

Download the Market View UK – Winter 2012/13

Market View UK - Autumn 2012

Despite the end of the UK recession, the continued poor showing of the construction sector and the weakening world recovery is depressing the construction market. The two sectors which hold up some promise are the private residential sector and infrastructure.

Download the Market View UK - Autumn 2012

Market View UK - Summer 2012

Continued uncertainty about the fate of the Euro has kept markets depressed and the UK has slipped into double dip recession. Construction workload continues to suffer with no sign of the private sector stepping in to replace the cuts in public sector investment. Hungry contractors are continuing to chase for workload and tender prices are still depressed.

Download the Market View UK - Summer 2012

Market View UK - Spring 2012

A degree of optimism in early 2011 that the worst was behind us can now be seen to have been misplaced and uncertainty about the UK and European economies together with a slowdown in construction orders means that confidence has been further eroded. As a result, recovery in construction tender prices has been pushed back further and no real positive movement is expected until 2013.

Download the Market View UK - Spring 2012

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