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Expert Views

The Expert Views documents provide our responses to particular industry, sector issues or topical issues facing our clients.  We see them providing unique thought leadership insight.

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How to use the Publications Carousel:

To see what documents are available on the publications carousel, use the numbered slider to shift the documents along left or right and then click on the front cover of a document to bring it to centre view.  To view the associated PDF,  you click the centred publication image OR the associated text below. This will open in a new window and to shut this down click the x button in the right hand corner of the pdf. NB: Only the title for the centre document will be displayed.

How to use the Search Function:

Type a search request into the publications search box and then either click the manifying glass icon or tapping Return button, to load the search results.

There will be the addition of a line of text that displays above the carousel:
"Showing results for ......"

If there are no search results, the following message will display:
"There are no search results for that query."

Upon click of the Reset button, your view will be reset to the initial view for that category of document.