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Strategy and Transformation

In the current market, winning organisations realise that the old rules no longer apply, and recognise the need to change their businesses to respond to emerging market drivers and needs.

We work with clients who invest in, own, operate and maintain built assets to develop and deliver business strategies and transformational change programmes that enable a step change in their business performance or the value that they deliver through their built assets.

We deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients’ investment and expenditure in their built assets by combining market and sector insight, deep knowledge of the performance of the asset and our business and change management skills.

In this way we have helped thousands of clients, in many industries, to find new sources of profitable growth, reposition their businesses for the future and sharpen their competitive advantage.

Our Strategy and Transformation offering is underpinned by the following services:

  • Vision & Strategy
  • Asset Strategy
  • Organisation, People and Capability Development
  • Performance and Change Management
  • Supply Chain Organisation and Management
  • Forensic Cost Assurance
  • Strategic Asset Maintenance
  • Healthcare Planning
  • Workplace Solutions
  • IT Solutions

Strategy and Transformation
Tom Morgan 94 x 94

Tom Morgan
Head of Strategy & Transformation

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