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Cost, Commercial and Risk Management

In commercial property, cost is of the utmost importance. Successful cost control underpins the performance of your property assets, at any stage of their lifecycle.

Our team of international experts can tell you what you should be paying for a project, when, and how best to fund it. We can work out what a development will cost to complete and what it will cost over its lifetime. We can help you choose a procurement strategy and build a supply chain that will let you manage challenges like fluctuating costs or working across borders.

Ultimately, it’s about confidence. By controlling the costs and understanding value, we minimise the risks – and that means you can be more confident in your projects succeeding.

We deliver the best possible outcomes from clients investment expenditure.  We achieve this by linking business financial performance, to programmes and projects, and managing the risks through the whole deal map from funding to final account.

Our Cost, commercial and risk offering is underpinned by the following services:

  • Cost and Value Management
  • Whole Life Costing
  • Risk and Opportunity Management
  • Taxation and Capital Allowances
  • Strategic Procurement and Contract Strategy
  • Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying

Cost, commerical and risk management from EC Harris

Andy Matthews
Head of Cost, Commercial & Risk Management

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