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Asset Performance and Facilities Management

We work with both owners and occupiers to ensure that their built assets support and enhance their business objectives and provide higher financial returns, better business performance and the required benefits to the environment and society.

We combine local and international know-how to drive greater returns from every square metre of space through the daily operation and management of our client’s built assets.

For Occupiers:

To most businesses the three biggest costs are people, technology and buildings – effective combination of the three resources can deliver exceptional performance.  Many companies consider their buildings as liabilities.  At EC Harris we consider them assets – our expertise is based, therefore, upon how you can operate your assets so we can extract business value and minimise cost to make sure they help drive performance.

For Owners:

In the current financial climate owners are seeking out different ways of driving performance from their investments and in many instances this is back to basics.  Through a thorough technical understanding of the built asset we are able to find that ‘hidden’ performance that is within every built asset.   Through analysis of the building our operations team are able to devise and deliver strategies to improve income and total returns.  In addition, we believe that by helping occupiers achieve greater business performance from their built assets, we will help owners drive enhanced returns from their investments.

Our approach is to treat an asset as a business and our managers as business managers.  It is not just about providing great services to the asset but, through our day to day activities, to seek ways to both drive costs down and revenues/business performance up.  As a property operator we focus on both costs and revenues which will drive higher returns for owner and occupier – we will evidence that enhanced performance showing how the built asset is adding value to overall business.

Our Asset Performance and Facilities Management offerings are underpinned by the following services:

  • Property and estate management
  • Tactical asset transaction management
  • Liability portfolio management
  • Facilities management
  • Specialist engineering management
  • Life cycle planning and management
  • Energy, sustainability and environmental management
  • Building surveying and small works management
  • Business assurance and risk management
  • Health, safety and statutory compliance
  • Asset data capture and management
  • FM and building operations consultancy
  • Workplace transformation consultancy

Asset Performance and Facilities Management
Paul Foster, Service Page

Paul Foster
Head of Asset Performance & Facilities Management

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