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Asset Investment and Finance

Clients that are ‘sponsors’ or equity owners of built assets realise that finding the right partner can make a great difference to the risk adjusted returns generated from their capital. Deep sector knowledge means we understand what drives economic return for any given built asset and our investment and finance experience appreciates how those returns can be structured to match capital and debt funder requirements.

We bring a unique whole asset life understanding to this appraisal which better reflects the current concerns of investors and lenders. We then ally this project approach to detailed knowledge of major corporate finance risk transfer deals drawn from many sectors and geographies in order to optimise the wider portfolio or balance sheet impacts for our clients. 

Our Asset investment and Finance offering is underpinned by the following services: Investment Management; Structured Finance including PPP; Development Management; Technical Investment Risk Management; and Financial Analysis & Modelling.   We help clients to develop new assets and manage built asset investments.  We also protect lender’s funding and risk.

In response to individual client requirements or certain sector opportunities we also develop specific propositions which fully integrate a number of the services noted above, an example being our joint venture company Dorchester Ground Rent Management.

Watch an overview of the Asset Investment and Finance offering below.

Explaining Asset Investment and Finance

Asset Investment and Finance
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Keith Perry
Head of Asset Investment & Finance

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