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Environment, Safety and Risk Management

We all deserve a clean, safe environment in which to live. Now, more than ever, organisations recognise the need to integrate environmental and safety factors into core business decisions, which can impact asset integrity and business performance. Translating the value of safety performance, clean water, air and land into economic terms, is crucial for success within today's business environment.

What we do

We optimise business performance by reducing risk and protecting people and the environment. Our focus is on delivering measurable positive outcomes combined with outstanding credentials and technical excellence in Environment and Safety & Risk Management.

As a leading player in developing technical and business-focused solutions, we help underpin the safe operation, environmental sustainability and ultimate success of some of the world's leading companies.

Andy Limage

Andrew Limage

Head of Environment, Safety & Risk Management, UK

+ 44 (0)7818525913

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24 Sept
Integrating human factors into operational safety 
submitted by
Paul Sirett, Principal Human Factors Consultant 

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