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Over the next 10 years, China will invest almost US $8 trillion in developing its built asset infrastructure. Planning and managing the delivery of these assets to ensure they deliver long-term commercial and social return without impacting the local environment requires specialist support and a deep understanding of the local market.

What we do

Working across a wide range of market sectors, we help our clients make the most from the money they spend during the planning, creation, operation or redefinition of their assets. Our goal is to generate exceptional and sustainable outcomes for our clients, and the communities across China where we live and work.

Weibin Xu

Weibin Xu

Location Principal, China

+86 (0) 20 3890 5068

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Unit 1505 Tower C Office Park
No. 5 Jinghua Street(S)
Chao Yang District
Beijing, 100020, P.R.C

t +86  (10) 5650 0100
f + 86 (10) 5650 0200


Unit 2203, United Plaza
No. 1468 Nanjing Road(W)
Shanghai, 200040, P.R.C

+86 (0)21 6039 7000
f +86 (0)21 6039 7111


Unit 1901
West Tower Fortune Plaza
No. 114-118 Tiyu Road (E)
Tian He district
Guangzhou, 510620 P.R.C

t +86 (0)20 3890 5068
f +86 (0)20 3881 3163


15F, N0376
Sec. 4, Jen-Al Road
Taipei 106, Taiwan

t +886 2 2701 5445
f +886 2 2701 7571

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