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Positive Outcomes

10 Feb
Putting Productivity Gains at the Heart of Corporate Real Estate

Putting Productivity Gains at the Heart of Corporate Real Estate

Submitted by Wade Cruickshanks, EC Harris, Partner
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We are constantly striving to achieve greater productivity, especially in the current cost-conscious environment where businesses are looking to maintain cost savings and profitability gains and getting the most out of corporate restructuring. Here are few ways CRE can address the productivity challenge...

  • Workplace: A well executed workplace strategy focused on the configuration and design of the workplace can increase productivity by 10% as well as reduce employee absenteeism. Successful workplace strategy and delivery must be linked to your business planning and corporate strategy.  
  • Organization design: How does your CRE organization and its constituent elements deliver the agreed objectives? How much of your team focuses on checking partners’ or vendors’ technical ability rather than enabling performance and managing internal demand? Is your organization more focused on administration rather than production? Is your team clear on accountabilities and the decision making authority? Are production related processes lean and focused or are they about compliance/accountability sharing? Does your CRE organization have the appropriate IT platform to support operations and provide Management Information that enables rapid and precise decision making rather than loose opinion formation? Can the performance of your team be measured in business terms?
  • Management information and value measurement: critical to the transformation of CRE functions to deliver long-term value, it is necessary to develop and implement a holistic performance management system which addresses people, process and technology across the CRE function and its supply chain.


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